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Ryan’s Property Tax Newsletter provides you with the latest in property tax developments, appeal deadlines by region, and access to a variety of valuable resources to help you minimize your tax liabilities.


September 2020

  • Maryland Out-of-Cycle Appeals
  • CRE Valuations & Distressed Assets
  • Tax Burdens for DC Tech Companies
  • COVID-19 Tax Relief for DC Hotels

August 2020

  • California COVID-19 Executive Order
  • Charleston County Reassessment
  • Florida Truth in Millage Notices
  • Gwinnett County Tax Bill Updates

July 2020

  • Florida Appeal Decision
  • Davidson County Tax Rates Increased
  • COVID-19 Impacts on CRE
  • New York Tax Rates Released
  • Jefferson County Notices

June 2020

  • Cobb County Appeal Deadline
  • Suffolk County Tax Extensions
  • Circuit Court Objections
  • California Calamity Relief
  • Wake County Tax Rates

May 2020

  • COVID-19 and Property Taxes
  • Pennsylvania Tax Relief
  • The Devil Is in the Detail
  • Illinois Levels of Appeal
  • Great Recession vs. COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Impact in Delaware

April 2020

  • Indiana Deadlines
  • Wisconsin Assessment Manual
  • Illinois Levels of Appeals
  • Davidson County Reassessment
  • Colorado Filing Deadlines
  • Kansas Tax Increases

March 2020

  • Washington, D.C. CRE Taxes
  • Illinois Assessor-Level Appeals
  • Delaware County Revaluation
  • Ohio Appeal Deadline
  • New York Vacancy Tax
  • Kansas Tax Increases
  • Iowa Property Tax Credit
  • California Prop 13 Updates

February 2020

  • Delaware County Revaluation
  • Student Housing Property Taxes
  • Virginia Property Assessments

December 2019

  • Overpaying on Property Taxes?
  • Affordable Housing Is an Oxymoron
  • California State-wide Rent Cap
  • Property Tax Bills in Pennsylvania

November 2019

  • The Trials of Data Center Valuations
  • Prepare for 2020 W. Virginia Appeals
  • Property Tax Caps in Indiana
  • Maricopa County Corrects Record

October 2019

  • New Direct Fees for CRE Owners
  • Alabama Abatements Under Attack
  • 2020 Wake County Revaluation
  • Minimizing Marijuana Tax Liabilities

September 2019

  • Alabama Value Increases
  • Proposed Split-Roll Revision
  • Inflated Taxes for Data Centers
  • California's Assault on Property Taxes

August 2019

  • 2020 District of Columbia Budget
  • Real Estate Transfer Taxes
  • Texas Property Tax Reform
  • MD Water & Sewer Use Changes

July 2019

  • Prop 13 - Why, When, and How?
  • Cook County, IL 2019 Reassessment
  • Pennsylvania Assessment Notices
  • North Carolina Property Tax Rates

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